Snakebusters are experts at handling, controlling and relocating snakes. We also teach other to do the same with Australia's best snake handling courses. Details are here.

Reptile handler courses

These days there are a lot of snake catching courses and snake keeping courses on offer throughout Australia.All of them are taught by people who claim to be experts in reptiles.Unfortunately, thatís rarely the case.Most of the time the teacher is a relative novice who has minimal experience with reptiles, and who has gone out and bought a business name like, snake handler, reptile awareness or similar, before erecting a slick-looking webpage and marketing their services.In other words, itís wise to check the credentials of the teacher first.Demand copies of at least 50 recognised scientific or technical papers on snakes published in recognised journals.If the teacher hasnít got any such CV, then donít deal with them.Itís that simple.Itís not worth putting you and your loved ones at risk.Snakebusters have the best snake handling courses anywhere in Australia.The teacher is the snake man Raymond Hoser, whose publication list runs to the hundreds and whose expertise with reptiles is unrivalled.Demand the snake man for your next reptile handling course, whether in Melbourne, Sydney or Perth.

Snake Prevention Melbourne

Preventing snakes from entering your property is an import aim for many people.Whether itís as a dog owner, or family with young kids, thereís often a need to get the snakes to move away from the family home.Snakebusters are leaders in advising and consulting about snake prevention.Besides knowing what snakes like, we also know what they donít like.While we are based in Melbourne, Victoria, Snakebusters operate Australia-wide and can offer snake prevention services to all kinds of homeowners, businesses and government departments.

Reptile removal Melbourne

For 24/7 reptile removal in Melbourne, thereís only one company and thatís Snakebusters.Yes, a few others claim 24/7 removals, but youíll find any odd-hours calls go to an answering service.Then thereís the issue of what happens when the snake catcher arrives.Only Snakebusters have Australiaís best trained snake handlers who are most likely to be able to find a snake if itís moved away before he or she arrives.The Snakeman Raymond Hoser has taught everyone with Snakebusters and as Australiaís leading reptile expert, he has taught them all the best methods for finding and catching the snakes.Most importantly, both handler and snake are also most likely to be caught and without bites or injury.No one are better snake catchers in Melbourne.

Snake control

When snake prevention doesnít work, snake control becomes another option.Once again Snakebusters are independently rated Australiaís best choice for snake control.The snakeman Raymond Hoserís been dealing with snakes for decades and so is the master when it comes to snake control.This doesnít just involve finding and catching the snakes, but also involves the important element of making sure that the snakes donít return.Knowing what snakes do and donít like, Snakebusters will give any property owner in Melbourne or elsewhere peace of mind when it comes to effective snake control.

Snake Capture

In Melbourne, Snakebusters do more snake capture than anyone else.The reasons are many, but include the fact that the company is recognised as having staff who are the best at finding and capturing snakes.This includes deadly snakes, small snakes and of course the monsters! Snake controlling, snake relocation and snake wrangling are all part of the CV of Australiaís snake man Ray Hoser, the owner of Snakebusters.In other words, wherever you are in Victoria, it pays to get snakebusters for your next snake capture.

Snake handler Melbourne

For a snake handler in Melbourne who does not kill their snakes with metal tongs, Snakebusters is a safe bet.Because we ďlikeĒ reptiles we make sure that unwanted snakes are caught humanely and painlessly for the snake and they are not injured as they are caught.Snakebusters only refer work to people who refuse to use metal tongs that injure snakes.In other words, if you like wildlife besides your own familyís wildlife, it makes sense to get Snakebusters as your next Melbourne snake handler.