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Snakebusters, Australia's best reptiles are seen at the following types of event.

reptile parties

For the best birthday party in Melbourne, Victoria it's gotta be Australia's best reptiles. With Snakebusters kids parties, there are no limits on the number of kids and we won't sting you $20 a kid if you have more than ten there. Only Snakebusters guarantees no hidden nasties. With all the different groups of reptiles, like Crocs, snakes, lizards and the venomous ones in guaranteed safety, Snakebusters gives the ultimate Melbourne parties.

Kinder shows Melbourne

Getting something to entertain the kids for an incursion isn't always easy. The best entertainment must be hands-on, educational and interactive. Snakebusters reptile shows are the one incursion that covers all bases. Most kids like animals, wildlife and reptiles and the best displays are ones that let them hold the animals. Snakebusters are the perfect party idea or kinder exhibition. Mums and dads often like the reptiles and frogs more than the kids, but either way, your next Melbourne child care centre show, should be Snakebusters.

Melbourne Snake shows

The Australian snake man Ray Hoser and his expert staff gives Australia's best live snake show. For the only mobile reptile show that can bring the deadliest snakes and be guaranteed safe, Snakebusters has the monopoly. Snakebusters are alone in Melbourne, Victoria and Australia with vet surgeon certified, surgically devenomized or venomoid snakes at all displays.This means the snake man or his staff and the audience are totally safe and the snakes donít need to be restrained and attacked with metal sticks, barbaric tongs and other brutal tools that may hurt or injure snakes.The final result is a mobile reptile show that's the greatest Melbourne snake show.

Birthday parties Melbourne

When kids are hard to entertain and they want the birthday entertainment that is exciting, educational and fun, then Snakebusters should be your next big kid's party move. The children will love being able to hold the reptiles and watch the reptiles do what they do best! Because Snakebusters are the only children's reptile birthday parties in Melbourne that lets kids hold the animals, demand for us is huge, so book before you send out invitations. With no limits or surcharges on numbers, you can make sure you invite all your friends to the best kids birthday party in Melbourne, Victoria.

School incursions Melbourne

For the most hands-on educational school incursions in Melbourne and Victoria, Snakebusters beats everyone.No other wildlife company allows the kids to hold the animals in a hands-on display.The reptile exhibition is independently rated as Australia's best. It also includes all major groups of modern reptiles, such as crocodiles, snakes, lizards, turtles, amphibians as in frogs as well as risk free deadly venomous snake shows.Kids see the most dangerous animals and minus the risk.For these reasons, Snakebusters got the legally enforceable registered trademark to say that when doing reptile courses, childrens parties, kids school shows, holiday program entertainment and more in Melbourne, Victoria, they give the best. No one else can claim to give the best school shows in Australia.

Teenager parties

Teenagers, tweens and demanding kids often are hard to cater for when it comes to birthday parties. In Melbourne, Snakebusters makes it easy to engage this hard to please group. Boys or girls all get into hands-on reptile shows and being able to handle the animals in a safe and educational setting. Reptiles with Snakebusters are the safe alternative to most other forms of teenager entertainment and are not likely to get the kids bored and doing things they shouldn't be. At the older age bracket a few harmless snakes, lizards, frogs, or crocs on't do the trick, so we alone can bring deadly snakes to the venue and in complete safety. Only Snakebusters ® have certified devenomized snakes for everyone's safety. Don't get bitten by someone else's dangerous reptiles! At a cheaper price than most of the alternatives and ten times the fun, Snakebusters really are the ultimate teenager birthday parties.

Corporate parties

Hands-on reptiles ® corporate team building, company re-launches, store openings, rebrands and more all go off with a bang with live wildlife. When the crowd can hold the animals, it's all so much better. As Australia's only hands-on reptiles company that lets people handle animals, Snakebusters is the unbeatable company for company reptile shows and as a company entertainer. Our past corporate clients include the AFL in Melbourne Victoria, major banks, government departments, all commercial TV networks, Austereo and many of the best known retail brands in Australia, such as Centro, GPT, Stockland, Bunnings, Woolworths, Officeworks and more. For the ultimate corporate reptile shows, corporate displays and corporate entertainment nothing beats Snakebusters and their reptiles for corporate parties in Melbourne.

Adult party

For adult parties with or without sex, Snakebusters can fit the bill. Yes we educate with reptiles and even about animal sex! For the wildest adult party ideas, with the best of the wildlife, Snakebusters are the real hands-on option. In fact we are the only wildlife displayers who let the guests hold the animals. For corporate events, company Christmas events and more, our adult entertainment will blow your mind! Our past displays and events include the Melbourne Cup, AFL Christmas parties, F1 after party, Commonwealth Games team building parties and more.But as a warning, because we are the most frequently demanded reptiles shows, displays and reptile adult birthday parties in Victoria, it pays to book your Melbourne adult party before you send out invites.

Corporate parties

Hands-on reptiles ® will get any corporate event happening. Remember, only Snakebusters lets people hold the animals. Snakebusters have the only legal and safe venomous snake show in Victoria. Don't put your kids at risk with a second rate reptile displayer who doesn't have the expertise to have vet certified surgically devenomized snakes. Demand Snakebusters for your next company show or corporate reptile party in Melbourne.

Snake handling courses

For those wanting to go the full hog and jump in at the deep end, the snake man Ray Hoser and Snakebusters do the world's best reptile handling courses. We have taught people from all parts of Australia, including Western Australia, South Australia, the NT, Tasmania, NSW, Victoria and the ACT, as well as people from the USA, Europe, Asia and Africa. Only Snakebusters have verifiable snake handling course expertise for all parts of the world and reptiles from all continents. To have the best training for OH and S, snake safety, reptile awareness and other important aspects, the Snake Man's 40 plus, years of experience is the leading edge you need in a snake training course. For snake control and management, Snakebusters are the best reptile handling courses in Australia.

snake man

The company Snakebusters is owned by Raymond Hoser, known globally as the snake man. He's the unrivalled authority on reptiles within Australia. His expertise on reptiles is recognised everywhere and as a scientist he has named the world's longest snake and numerous high-end venomous species as well. He's also named reptile genera, species and subspecies from South Australia, West Australia, Irian Jaya, New Guinea, Papua, Western New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, Victoria, the USA, south-east Asia and Indonesia. His other achievements, besides snake catching, scientific research and reptile shows, including his scientific papers, definitive books and the like can be found on links from his website at:
Remember, Snakeman ® and snake man ® and both registered trademarks, so bootleggers beware!